Crockett Davis Cabinets, LLC is owned and operated by Scott Davis, whose great-great-great grandfather was a woodsman of a different kind--the legendary Davy Crockett.

Scott began his cabinetry career in 1999 under the tutelage of another giant of a man, Gabe Audette, owner of Advance Interior Woodworking Inc. of Southborough, MA. After working closely for four years with this design genius, Scott returned to Nashville, where he began an association with Larry Maxwell, a well-known local cabinet designer and manufacturer.

In January of 2007, Scott began to blaze his own trail, starting Crockett Davis Cabinets, LLC, where he continues to pursue excellence in cabinetry design.

In applying his strong, natural sense of design to the world of cabinetry, Scott draws on several entrepreneurial ventures. He helped establish and for many years managed Davis Cookware, his family's retail cookware store, located in Hillsboro Village, a business that was a natural expression of his gourmet's love of cooking. Later, his master barista's love of coffee and espresso inspired him to create the Davis Coffee Club, an innovative and pioneering cappuccino catering service that is happily pumping steam to this day. Later still, his fine sense of color and style was honed during his years as owner and manager of another Hillsboro Village retail gem, The Silk Stocking District, an exclusive woman's clothing boutique.

It all comes together and finds expression today as Crockett Davis Cabinets, LLC. Our focus is on multi-unit projects, but the same care and attention to detail goes into everything we design and install no matter how large or small.